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Patandi Teachers' College of Special Needs Education

About Us

About Us


Patandi Teachers’ College of Special Needs Education is a college with a unique history and Specialization. It is the only college in Tanzania that offers Special Needs Education at Higher Diploma level. The history of Patandi Teacher’ College dates back to 1996,when the Government decided to move the training from Tabora Teacher’ College.This decision was made through the general National Conference on Special Needs Education held at Arusha International Conference Centre in 1992.
Currently Patandi has four departments namely; Department of Visual Impairment, Department of Hearing Impairment, Department of Intellectual Impairment and Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Patandi main objective is to train teachers’ in the basic knowledge on techniques of identification, assessment and placement of children with special Needs Education.
To be a center of excellence in Special Needs and Inclusive Education in the region.
To contribute to an inclusive society where vulnerable leaners are receiving education and where people with disabilities are empowered to utilize their capabilities thus minimizing and avoiding dependence.

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