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Patandi Teachers' College of Special Needs Education


About Us
Patandi Teachers' College of special Needs Education Management Structure

Lucian Segesela
Mobile: 0767275920

Vice Principal
Regina Lunyonga
Mobile: 0753823712

Dean of Students
Antony Ayo
Mobile number: 0784778166

Assistant Dean of Students
Florah Muhumba
Mobile Number: 0723612425/ 0763428424

Assistant Dean of Students
Staphord Chalamaganza
Mobile Number: 0753328932

Students Registra
Peter John Mosha
Mobile Number: 0754864936

Assistant Students Registra
Christina Major
Mobile Number: 0757972753

Assistant Students Registra
Rajabu Mtunge
Mobile Number: 0757509198

Dean academic:
Lucas Kivuyo
Mobile Number: 0755640517

Assistant Dean Academic
Benny Musa
Mobile Number: 0783713222

Examination Officer
Lusaro Ngira
Mobile Number: 0755264770

Head of Department
Hearing Impairment HoD
Anitha Kway
Mobile Number: 0756588626

Visual Impairment HoD
Daudi Kabora
Mobile Number: 0754050802

Intellectual Impairment HoD
Peter Mbwambo
Mobile Number: 0755749469

General Subjects HoD
Leah Makundi
Mobile Number: 0757957064

Peter Mosha
Mobile Number: 0754864936

Assistant I.C.T HoD
Leila Hoza
Mobile Number:0754842973

Assistant Computer Operator
Hamida Pazia
Mobile Number: 0654703822

Maintanance Tutor
Fredrick Mchomvu
Mobile Number: 0742177271

Assistant Maintenance Tutor
Leah Makundi
Mobile number 0757957064

Enviromental Tutor
Xavery Haule
Mobile Number: 0756212658

Assistant Environmental Tutor

Sr. Vicky

Mobile Number: 0764909045

College Accountant

Roseylen Kyauka

Mobile Number: 0765551600


Sr. Vicky

Mobile Number 0764909045

Social Walfare Chairperson
Florah Muhumba
Mobile Number: 0763428424

Store keepers
CHarles Njarabi
Mobile Njumber 0755690990

Richard Makunda
Mobile Number: 0742625381